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Emerging Technologies in Texas Appellate Practice

State Bar Annual Meeting ()

I was asked to address this topic at the 10th annual “Adaptable Lawyer” track at the State Bar Annual Meeting.

My presentation focused on the unique back-and-forth between appellate lawyers and the Texas appellate courts over the years, as both sides have tried to push forward with some innovative ideas. I also discussed some ways that Texas appellate lawyers have been experimenting with more visual approaches to advocacy, and situations where that might or might not be effective.

I also discussed how having all appellate briefs online – both ours and others – has affected us. As legal researchers, we can now easily look past cryptic citation notations such as “pet. denied” to make more persuasive arguments about the weight that should really be afforded to those cases. That’s good. On the other hand, our briefs now fuel machine-learning algorithms and their associated marketing materials. That’s… inevitable.

Oh, and I recommended a few apps.